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You asked us, We have answers for you.

Manitoba doctors are answering your controversial questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and immunization. Through the Protect MB Community Outreach and Incentive Grant, U Multicultural has developed Doc Talk Manitoba. This series of interviews with doctors of diverse backgrounds will provide statistics, scientific data and facts, which educate about the COVID-19 immunization process.

Answering Your Questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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- Episodes

10 episodes in the series produced in English.

- Format

Produced in audio and video formats, avaialbe online, TV, and radio.

- Collaborative

produced in collaboration with medical, vaccination, immunization professionals, physicians

- Diversity

immunization professionals with diverse backgrounds, members of ethnocultural communities.

dedicated team

Dr. Denise Koh

Chief Occupational Medical Officer, Workplace Safety and Health

Dr. Eddsel Martinez


Dr. Amila Heendeniya

Infectious Diseases Physician

Dr. Jared Bullard

Pediatric Infectious Disease Expert

Jyoti Kalsi



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Doc Talk Manitoba In the media

New video series takes aim at COVID-19 misinformation

U Multicultural's Ryan Funk goes on CTV to talk about U Multicultural's latest video project, Doc Talk Manitoba.

Winnipeg media platform launches Doc Talk Manitoba

U Multicultural is the name of a media platform based in Winnipeg, which carries programs featuring members of diverse communities. On Tuesday, it launched a 10-part series called Doc Talk Manitoba.

10-part video series from U Multicultural features Manitoba doctors addressing range of COVID-19 topics

A new online video campaign aims to reach out to diverse communities in Manitoba through the voices of medical professionals to dispel myths about COVID-19 and encourage vaccine uptake.

New video series dispelling COVID-19 myths in Manitoba’s ethnic communities

WINNIPEG - A new video series featuring Manitoba doctors is looking to clear up misconceptions and answer questions about COVID-19 in the province's ethnic communities.

Jyoti Kalsi

New video series to answer questions from multicultural Manitobans about COVID-19 vaccine

Winnipeg - An online series aimed at multicultural Manitobans will answer some of the most pressing questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. U Multicultural said it has developed Doc Talk, a series of interviews with doctors of diverse backgrounds to provide statistics, scientific data and facts to educate about the COVID-19 immunization process.