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Community in Focus: Immigrant Centre of Manitoba

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Roselyn Advincula, Director of Settlement Services, and Gennica Luce, client, intern and temporary front desk staff at the Immigrant Centre Manitoba, explain how Immigrant Centre Manitoba helps newcomers reach their potential. 

Immigrant Centre Manitoba has been serving Manitoba’s newcomer community since 1948. Their mission is to help newcomers succeed through personalized settlement plans and community partnerships. 

The centre has served newcomers in Manitoba for more than seven decades. Programs for newcomers include:

  • Settlement and employment services.
  • Verification of translations.
  • Coordinating the ZONAL Outreach Newcomer Engagement program.

Newcomers can also register for English conversation circles, nutrition classes, citizenship classes, workshops to prepare for the driver’s knowledge test, and the Language Partner Program to learn English one-on-one. Immigrant Centre Manitoba connects newcomers and the community with our centre and clients through volunteering opportunities. 

Immigrant Centre of Manitoba takes pride in its ability to serve all newcomers who come through its doors and ensures that all newcomers, no matter their immigration status, can be provided with services in almost all of the departments, including the Settlement Facilitator that can provide settlement support to non-permanent residents. 

“The better the start, the better the future is our motto at the Immigrant Centre,” says Advincula. “By helping newcomers before they arrive in Manitoba and supporting them once they do arrive, we ensure that they have the tools to settle and integrate successfully into our community.” 

– Lourdes Federis, U Multicultural

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