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CMWI Increasing Awareness of Family Violence in Winnipeg

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The Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute (CMWI) organized a poignant and crucial event: the Family Violence Awareness Session. This gathering was pivotal in raising awareness about an issue affecting countless lives in Winnipeg. This event stands as a testament to the proactive efforts of CMWI in addressing sensitive topics and creating a more informed and vigilant community against family violence.

CMWI Community Support Programs Manager Zebiba Ibrahim explained that CMWI organized the event in response to a survey gauging the needs of Winnipeg’s Muslim community.

“We began conducting a survey to gauge the community’s need for this session. Subsequently, we started creating materials to support it. We developed content focusing on family dynamics for all members – kids, women, and men. Recognizing the necessity of this program, our organization felt compelled to initiate it. Through this pivotal event, the Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute highlighted its dedication to nurturing safer and healthier communities. We tackled complex societal issues, fostering open dialogues and exchanging solutions to combat family violence.”

The aim of the session was to shed light on the complexities of family violence. Through informative discussions, personal stories, and expert insights, attendees were equipped with knowledge and resources to address and prevent such critical issues within their communities.

Maham Ali, wellness counsellor and coordinator at CMWI, said these sessions hoped to increase attention during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Canada.

 “While we regularly conduct healthy relationship programs at CMWI, this session stands out as an information session. We will delve into discussions about families – their several types and their significance for our audience. We will highlight two types of relationships: healthy and unhealthy. In some relationships classified as unhealthy, there exists abuse. Unfortunately, individuals might not recognize they’re experiencing abuse, particularly in cases of verbal, emotional, psychological, financial, or physical abuse. Identifying and understanding these different forms of abuse can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, during the session, we will address and clarify these aspects.”

The event underscored the importance of community engagement in tackling family violence. By providing a safe space for dialogue and education, participants were empowered to recognize the signs, offer support, and break the cycle of violence.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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