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Challenges Faced by Immigrants Pursuing a Career in the Food Industry

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Searching for a job related to your past experience in a new country can be a challenge. Difficulties accompany the journey of finding a meaningful job. In this segment, we will examine the challenges encountered by immigrants aiming to work in the food industry.

Gina Navarro shares her experiences building a career in the food industry and becoming a professional chef in Winnipeg. So, where did her journey begin, and what were her first steps and actions?

Even though Canadian work culture is different, the woman enjoyed everything and was eager to get new knowledge.

“It was exciting to learn how to present myself and disclose my soft skills. I also learned what I can add to the company and the business. I always try to find positive things in every situation. I didn’t feel like it was a challenge. I was more excited to do something different”, says Gina.

Gina’s first step to becoming a professional chef was working at a bakery. As she continued her career, working as a chef in Canada forced Gina to learn new techniques and find new flavours. Gina also mentioned supporting local businesses and encouraging others to do that.

“What really amazed me, and I truly appreciate Canadian culture and specifically Winnipeg, is that I learned the importance of supporting a local business so the money stays in the community. When you are supporting small local businesses, you are supporting your own community. That’s how we all grow together”, added Gina.

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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