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Celebrations For Canada Day are Rocking hard In Transcona Centennial Square in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Canada Day is back! Canada day is a day that celebrates the union of Canada. It represents all Canadians, and it consolidates them into one nation. Everyone is excited about the different events that will take place all over Canada.

In Winnipeg, the Transcona Centennial Square is planning many fabulous events to celebrate Canada Day. With the generous funding of Canadian Heritage and TD Bank Group, they could pull all of these exciting events together.

The first event will be a massive scavenger hunt called the “The Great Transconian Canada Day Scavenger Hunt.” This event will be huge because there will be a collaboration with the Transcona Museum. This scavenger hunt is even more significant than the one they persuaded last Canada Day. It is going to be so grand compared to the previous year’s. Participation in the scavenger hunt is free, and there will also be prizes for the winners, which is fantastic for Winnipeggers. Moreover, this event is on until June 30, 2022

What makes this event even more interesting is that there will be hidden “Canada Day Themed Rocks” throughout the Transcona Business Improvement Zone streets. Of course, the event is decorated with prizes for the winners. The rock event is taking place on June 30, 2022

It does not end there; the Transcona BIZ will also have a Canada Day walls of fame community artwork display that will unite all artists in Winnipeg. All of the different artworks will make up the Walls of Fame. All inspirations will come from the theme of ‘What Makes Canada Great.’ Everyone should be ready to get amused by the unique paintings that will be displayed. 

“We started this scavenger hunt for the prizes, but we are enjoying this so much that I wish we could do it again next year.” That was what a participant in the scavenger hunt said about the events taking place right now.

Canada Day is coming in two days; all Canadians are excited to spend time with their families, celebrating this important day in Canada’s history.


– Halla Alhamed, U Multicultural

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of U Multicultural.

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