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Celebrating the Local Harvest and Natural Foods at Winnipeg’s West Broadway Farmers Market

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Freshness and a wide array of flavours and colours of foods were available at the West Broadway Farmers’ Market. The gathering celebrates the local harvest and natural foods and items. Not only could the Winnipeg community pick up groceries, but it also is an opportunity to grow their connection to nature and a community dedicated to supporting the economy and local business.

Journalist Zuher Almusre from U Multicultural Channel spoke with Mara Tolks, a West Broadway Farmers Market volunteer, to get more details about this market. Tolks said that this year, the products were particularly good.

“We had everything that we had last year. So, it was nice to get fresh eggs and tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, potatoes, and radishes. They have been plentiful every week here.”

Tolks added that for the newcomers coming here. “If they came to our market, they would be introduced to the farmers here. They would also see the great benefit of having such a farm and then belonging to something like a good food club, where they could sell their products, be more involved in the community, and meet more people.”

Almusre spoke with another volunteer at West Broadway Farmers Market, Katherine Carruthers, and she said, “The rising food price is getting unbearable and unreasonable for many families. When you come here, the food is grown and very nutritious at the prices that we are paying. You might as well get top quality, and this is a place to get the top quality in the future economics. I don’t have a crystal ball. I cannot tell you what will happen, but I know that the markers who are here selling their produce keep coming back, and they keep coming back week after week.”

Nick Turnbull, a farmer of Wild Song Acres who participated in this episode, stated that this year had been a pretty great growing season as it was extremely hot at the beginning of the spring, so everything got off to a good start.

“Then we had regular rain in White Mouth Manitoba, and we had steady rain all summer. I know other parts of the province had a drought this summer, but we had no issues compared to two years ago when we were in a severe drought the entire summer, so it was good this year.”

The Farmer’s Market is more than just a shopping destination; it is a thriving community hub and a place to meet Neighbours, share stories, and build lasting connections.

Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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