In this article, my objective is to share the traditional ways that my family taught me. Shared with me are stories of traditional values taught to another family and how they pass the traditional ways to their children. I will include other traditional ways we, as Aboriginals, have in ourContinue Reading

Learning about residential schools and their impact on the language, the journey of bringing it back, and the interest in Indigenous culture from non-Indigenous children. As I’ve learned more about residential schools and their impact on our language, it has been heart-retching and devastating. But it has driven me notContinue Reading

I’ve heard it too often, a young Indigenous person who tells me that they don’t qualify as being Indigenous. After all, look at their skin and eye colour. They only know a smattering of Indigenous words. They don’t know anything about tradition or ceremony. They can’t apply for a NunavutContinue Reading

We are together, the Elder and I. I am the one driving us to our venue. A place where she will speak, and I will be sure she is comfortable. It’s a cold winter night, and the darkened streets have yet to be plowed. We are forging our way throughContinue Reading

It is a minus -40 day. I’m driving to the Elder and am amazed that my old Ford Focus managed to start. I have asked for some time with her. I need answers to questions that have stayed with me for far too long. A snow squall swirls up. IContinue Reading

The Inuit way of life in Nunavut is my life and identity. We learn our way of life through our grandparents and parents and also from the elders of the communities across Nunavut. The Inuit children are told what’s right from wrong. We did not learn these from books orContinue Reading

He is out there somewhere in the audience that has gathered at a public venue, a venue that is tucked inside a shopping mall where people stop to listen to each poet. I know to expect him to show up. He always finds me. I often try to figure outContinue Reading

As First Peoples on our homeland (Niidaakiinam) Turtle Island, we thrived and had everything we needed to sustain our lives in our communities among our many Nations.   We had a good life, Pimatisiwin. We lived in harmony with our people and nature and didn’t bother anyone. We lived in aContinue Reading

Boozhoo niwiijiiwaagaanan, Dibiki-Giizis Waabigwan Ikwe ndizhinikaaz, mikinaak ndoodem, Gojijiing ndoonjiba gaye Miskwaagamiwiiziibiing ndaa noongom. Dash niizh manidoog ndayaawaag.  Hello friends, my name is Adrienne Huard. I am turtle clan, and my father’s family hails from Couchiching First Nation, Treaty 3 territory in Ontario, where we are registered members. Both myContinue Reading