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Canadian organizaiton promotes greener action for the community

Random Acts of Green is a social enterprise founded in 2016 to educate people, raise awareness, and promote sustainability.

The organization aims to bring together individuals, organizations and online collective climate action communities with a vision to build a world where everyone feels empowered to take action together.

“Whatever the green act is, it’s great to hear that so many people have made changes in their lives and have inspired others around them,” said Jessica Correa, CEO of Random Acts of Green.

To help with that, Random Acts of Green has an app with a list of 40 different things that people can do to reduce their emissions. Each green act is quantified by the number of gas emissions reduced by each action.

“The more you reduce, the more green points you earn,” said Correa. “It’s kind of a fun way to get involved if you’re a brand new beginner and you have no idea where to start.”

Besides the app, the organization also has a Facebook and an Instagram page. They share all of their content and new ideas with their followers.

“You start a conversation by taking action,” she added. “People are gonna start asking questions and that’s really the easiest entry point to spark a conversation.”

Correa also suggests people write to their local officials to make legislative changes that help promote environmentalism and protect the country.

“Individuals can’t act alone, we need our government, we need our corporations, we all have to work together,” she said.

For more information, you can access or contact them at

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