Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, has a rich and complex history that is deeply intertwined with the Indigenous communities that have inhabited the region for millennia. As a city that grapples with issues of poverty, disadvantage and the lingering effects of colonialism, it is essential to acknowledge itsContinue Reading

Saturday, September 30th, will mark the third National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. First recognized across the country in 2021 with orange t-shirts, flags, and other clothing items, many of which read “Every Child Matters,” as an acknowledgement of the genocide which took place in these government-funded residential schools, half ofContinue Reading تلبية لنداءات الإستغاثة نظمت الجالية المغربية في وينيبيغ بالتعاون مع الهيئة الإسلامية للإغاثة في كندا و بني أبيل كندا مأدبة عشاء لجمع تبرعات لصالح أخوتنا المتضررين من الزلزال المدمر في المملكة المغربية الشقيقة. وذلك في القاعة الرياضية للمسجد الكبير في وينيبيغ. تعبيرا عن تضامن الجالية العربية والإسلامية في وينيبيغContinue Reading

It was exactly a week before the Day of Truth and Reconciliation that the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives chose to buy an advertisement in the Saturday edition of the Winnipeg Free Press. On the page are four party members, each with a small statement about what they stand for as aContinue Reading In a bustling city like Winnipeg, where diversity thrives, stories of skilled immigrants moving to Canada with high hopes only to find themselves stuck in underutilized jobs due to unrecognized licenses are all too familiar. Priscila Calderon, a former participant of SEED Winnipeg’s transformative program, aptly captures the struggleContinue Reading Фольклорама – це один із найбільших мультикультурних фестивалей світу, який щорічно проходить у Вінніпезі, Канада. Тут культури з різних країн оживають у своїх павільйонах. Кожен з них – окремий світ, де триває фестиваль протягом цілого тижня. Вперше фестиваль було проведено у 1970 році, маючи лише 5 павільйонів. З рокамиContinue Reading

Since 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, rates of anxiety have increased immensely in Canada. Similar findings have been revealed in many countries across the world wherein such data is monitored. As COVID wanes, despite the coming of new variants, anxiety seems to stay higher than usual among the general public. Continue Reading

As summer comes to a gradual end, Winnipeggers get ready to winterize. Turning the corner from summer to fall, there’s more to see than just the turning leaves as the start of the 2023-2024 Winnipeg Jets hockey season.  With the Jets comes at least 41 games to be played inContinue Reading