Canada’s winters can be unpredictable. Here in Manitoba, one day, we can have lovely warm sun. The next, it can be blistering cold. Even those who have lived here their whole lives can get caught off-guard. One joke often used is that everyone forgets how to drive on the year’sContinue Reading

Volunteering has many beneficial purposes, helping develop your skills, enhance your resume, build connections and help support your community.  There are plenty of opportunities for students through school, youth groups, student initiatives, or community ventures. When you’re retired, your history in the community and having more availability can make itContinue Reading

Islam is a faith followed by approximately a quarter of the world’s population and comprises many diverse cultures and ethnicities. The Islamic community also has a deep connection to Manitoba, with the Mosque run by the Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA), the oldest and largest in Manitoba. Since moving to CanadaContinue Reading

With the completion of a new hospital in Neepawa, Canadians living in the region will have easier access to health care. The province invested at least $127 million into the new facility, whose location will be announced later. The facility will serve patients from a broader geographical area requiring moreContinue Reading

Nonprofit community-based media outlet U Multicultural has been recognized for its efforts in sharing the voices of Canada’s multicultural community, receiving awards in two categories at the Canadian Ethnic Media Association’s 43rd annual awards for Journalistic Excellence.  In the Podcast category, the media outlet was recognized for its We StandContinue Reading