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Aging in a Foreign land is an Important Matter for Winnipeg’s Refugee and Newcomer Seniors

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According to the Government of Canada, aging is a highly valued matter for most Winnipeg seniors. However, aging in a foreign land is a reality for immigrant and refugee seniors and may contribute to the risk of social isolation. They may have a greater attachment to their own culture, be unfamiliar with the new cultural and societal norms in the host country and feel lost or displaced in all four areas of integration: economic, social, cultural, and political.

Mian Hameed, a volunteer host on U Multicultural Channel, spoke with Saeed Dar, a Board Member of the Manitoba Muslim Seniors Association, about how Aging in a Foreign Land is an Important Issue for Winnipeg’s refugee and newcomer seniors.
Dar said that the primary issue with seniors is deciding how to spend their time.

“Every senior should be motivated to leave the house and find something to keep them occupied. For example, reading books, meeting in groups, and going for a walk. So, they can meet with another senior to discuss their life and how they are dealing with their issues to help one other, especially during the winter, to lessen the impact of loneliness on them.”

Dar added that transportation is a challenge that makes a living more difficult for seniors.

“Seniors require groceries and someone to drive them to health centres and medical clinics; if no one is available for transportation, they will not leave the house, causing their mental health to deteriorate. Their children should support their parents, and there should be groups that assist seniors and give these services to help them meet their fundamental needs daily.”

During this episode, Hameed and Dar explored various other issues confronting seniors who are newcomers to Winnipeg.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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