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Advocacy Needed For Winnipeg’s Muslim Seniors

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The decision to immigrate may be significantly more difficult for seniors than younger immigrants. This is due to various factors, the most notable of which are the difficulties of movement caused by age, the inability to secure basic needs, and their need for assistance from others.

Mian Hameed, President of the Manitoba Muslim Seniors Association, spoke about the difficulties faced by elderly Muslims in Winnipeg based on his 49 years of experience in the city and community.

Seniors have various obstacles, according to Hameed, but it is important to note that there are two kinds of senior people in Winnipeg. The first group has been in Winnipeg for an extended time, while the second group are newcomers. Each group faces distinct obstacles from the other. Hameed added that elderly Muslims endure loneliness because their kids have grown up and moved into different homes with their families, and they have their own lives. As a result, older adults have no one to live with and assist them with transportation, cleaning the house, cooking meals, and washing clothes.

Hameed says seniors require a social life but frequently cannot access community centres because no one can assist them. At this age, they prefer to go to the mosque to pray and break social isolation. One solution would be to implement a special centre for seniors.

“To improve their lives, we need to establish a special centre for seniors in the future that provides free services by providing transportation to the community centre and assisting them in purchasing basic materials and groceries. This will give the seniors a kind of safety and the feeling that they are not alone in this city.”

Seniors have worked hard in the past and have reached an age where they need to rest after this long and laborious voyage of giving. So, it is fair that these wise people live without trouble for the rest of their lives, and we should all be a family around them.

– Zuher Almusre, U Multicultural

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