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A New Beginning: Navigating Life in Canada – Insights from Newcomers

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Moving to a different country is like starting a thrilling adventure full of opportunities to learn and grow. Canada, famous for its diverse cultures, welcomes people from all over the world. But beneath this excitement, there are unexpected challenges.

In a recent interview with Pietra Velloso, Gabriela Mendes Garcia, and Ana Luiza Romero Tiberio, we explored their experiences in Canada. Today, we share what they wished they knew before coming here.

Embracing Diversity

Pietra Velloso, a newcomer full of energy, was amazed by Canada’s mix of cultures. “I knew there would be many people from different backgrounds, but I didn’t expect so much diversity. It was a cultural shock for me,” she said.

Ana Luiza Romero Tiberio, from Brazil, noticed the differences in the education system. “School here is very different from Brazil. Be ready to learn things you already know,” she advised, thinking back to her first days. Iza, as she likes to be called, found the lack of traditional schoolwork surprising. “I was shocked that there were no homework or tests,” she shared.

Building Relationships

Making friends in Canada is different from Brazil. Gabriela Mendes Garcia found the social interactions here unique. “In Brazil, we like to hug. It’s very different when I go back,” she explained.

Luiza stressed the importance of being active. “To make friends, go to school, talk to different people, and learn about their culture. Don’t be afraid to approach someone and start a conversation,” she said.

Pietra added her thoughts, “Explore every part of Canada. There are many beautiful places here. Try camping; there are great spots.”

Overcoming Language Challenges

Dealing with a new language can be challenging. Velloso shared her story, “When I came, I knew basic phrases like ‘hello, how are you.’ I taught myself English by listening to others speak.”The experiences of Velloso, Mendes Garcia, and Luiza Romero Tiberio show how life in a new country can be complex. Their stories share a common message: embracing differences, making connections, and learning the language can turn challenges into opportunities to grow.

To those starting a similar journey, remember these lessons. They can guide you toward a better, richer experience in Canada. Let’s carry these valuable insights, embracing diversity and cherishing shared human experiences.

–Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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