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A Journey Into Television: A Transformative Experience With The U Multicultural Team

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Simone Scott delves into the media world, taking on a new opportunity with U Multicultural. Simone sits with Community Hour host Fernanda Vallejo to learn what it takes to become a television broadcaster.

To pursue cultural enrichment and personal growth, Simone Scott Lizarrage, a young enthusiast, recently embarked on a unique journey with the U Multicultural team. Simone’s story is one of exploration, stepping out of her comfort zone, and embracing new opportunities. Her involvement in a television training session organized by the U Multicultural team provided her with valuable skills and left her with lasting memories and newfound friendships.

Simone’s journey began with her mother’s keen interest in Latin American social media platforms. She was always looking for opportunities to connect Simone to her Latin American roots. Through this vigilant approach, Simone’s mother discovered the TV training sessions offered by the U Multicultural team. To secure a spot, Simone had to compose an email expressing why this training was essential for her—a challenge she eagerly embraced.

In her heartfelt email, Simone expressed her love for trying new things and gaining fresh experiences. With a passion for recording and photographing, she saw the TV training session as a chance to contribute from the heart. Despite having no prior experience in filming or conducting interviews, Simone’s genuine enthusiasm and desire to learn stood out. This led to her selection for the program, marking the beginning of a transformative adventure.

Admitting her introverted nature and lack of experience in the realm of shooting and interviewing, Simone approached the training with an open mind. Little did she know that this experience would enhance her skills and help her break out of her shell, turning her into a more outgoing and confident individual.

Throughout the training, Simone gained valuable insights into camera placement, operation, and interview techniques. The hands-on experience boosted her technical proficiency and allowed her to connect with like-minded individuals who shared her passion. These newfound friends have become integral to Simone’s network, turning colleagues into lasting friendships.

Simone Scott Lizarrage’s journey with the U Multicultural team’s TV training session is a testament to the transformative power of embracing new experiences. From a hesitant novice, Simone emerged as a skilled and confident individual, equipped with knowledge and surrounded by a supportive community. As she continues to explore the realms of media and cultural enrichment, Simone’s story inspires others to seize opportunities for growth, regardless of their initial reservations.

– Yuliia Kovalenko, U Multicultural

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