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Canadian Television and Radio Broadcaster, digital media platform and production centre focused on diverse communities of Manitoba and Canada. 

CRTC Public Hearing

U Multicultural Channel, a community media platform, proposed an independent operational fund to the CRTC to support community TV and radio stations across Canada. These are historic hearings, and U Multicultural represented the voices of ethnic and community TV and radio broadcasters.

Mental Health Break

Mental illness is experienced by 1 in 3 Canadians, and almost everyone faces challenges related to mental health at some point in their life. Navigate the topics of mental health with the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba’s Rita Chahal, experts in the field, and those with personal experience.

We Stand Together

Over 130 residential schools operated in Canada. The first federal residential school began around 1883; the last closed in 1996.

We Stand Together invites residential school and day schools, 60’s Scoop, and intergenerational survivors to share their truth. This project is an opportunity for those on their journeys of healing to share their experiences and perspectives so all can learn about the effects of these systems and the challenges Indigenous communities still face.

Ethno Fest 2023
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Together We Can


Watch and listen to 5 video and 6 audio episodes featuring diverse voices available on television and radio.

Produced in partnership with medical, vaccination, immunization professionals, and front line medical workers and physicians.

Speakers are medical professionals with diverse backgrounds and members of ethnocultural communities.

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Alongside the diverse communities of Manitoba and Canada, U Multicultural has created several video series elevating their voices and stories.  Doc Talk Manitoba, COVID-19 Info Series, Ethno Fest 2021, Ethnic Music Concert Series, and the CEMA Award winning Indigenous Languages Series.

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U Radio is the digital hub, where diverse communities can share their voices, music, and stories.

Do you have an interesting idea for a show, someone we should interview, or would like to share your music? Reach out to communications@u-channel.ca

latest episode

U Talk S2E151: Christmas Cheer Board

According to Statistics Canada’s Canadian Income Survey from 2021, 5.8 million Canadians, including 1.4 million children, were food insecure. Taking a closer look at home, last year, the Winnipeg Christmas Cheer  Board handed out over 18,000 Christmas hampers, and the need is growing.

We’ve all felt the pinch of food costs and inflation, so this holiday season❄️, it’s more important than ever to support our communities, and we have Shawna Bell from The Christmas Cheer Board of Winnipeg to let us know how we can help.

U Talk Season Two

Spadok Ukraine 2022

SPADOK Ukraine 2022

“In this critical time, we are united as never before and stories are powerful weapons capable to influence the world.”FILM.UA Group


Media Release

Canadian Ethnic Media Assocation Award Winners

Winners at the CEMA Awards

We want to thank everyone who has helped U Multicultural in its goal of platforming the diverse voices of Canada. That support led U Multicultural to achieve two awards at the 43rd Annual Awards for Journalistic Excellence from the Canadian Ethnic Media Association. The categories were video series and podcast.

Indigenous Languages Series
We Stand Together

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Learn about our indigenous peoples'
language, culture, and worldview in the indigenous languages series

The Indigenous Languages Series is a unique project presented by U Multicultural, focused on education for the indigenous languages of Cree, Ojibwe and Inuktitut, through stories, culture and traditions. The episodes created with six Indigenous speakers – Michael Kusugak, Robert Maytwayashing, Isabel Scribe, Lisa Muswagon, Henry Pitawanakwat, Cameron Robertson –  will be featured on U Multicultural’s online platforms, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, First Peoples Radio Inc., and Shaw Spotlight. The project is funded by The Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage and distributed across Canada with help from the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and First Peoples Radio Inc.

Our Voices In Media

U Multicultural Proposes Operational Funding to Support Community TV and Radio Stations

U Multicultural Channel, a community media platform, proposed an independent operational fund to the CRTC to support community TV and radio stations across Canada. These are historic hearings, and U Multicultural represented the voices of ethnic and community TV and radio broadcasters.

Celebrate Diversity From Home Digitally With Ethno Fest 2022

Ethno Fest 2022 is underway, celebrating diversity in Manitoba and across Canada. You can take part from the comfort of your home, as the ethnocultural festival is entirely digital.

10-part video series from U Multicultural features Manitoba doctors addressing range of COVID-19 topics

A new online video campaign aims to reach out to diverse communities in Manitoba through the voices of medical professionals to dispel myths about COVID-19 and encourage vaccine uptake.

New video series dispelling COVID-19 myths in Manitoba’s ethnic communities

WINNIPEG - A new video series featuring Manitoba doctors is looking to clear up misconceptions and answer questions about COVID-19 in the province's ethnic communities.

Virtual festival celebrates multiculturalism

Ethno Fest 2021 is an ongoing digital festival presented by U Multicultural with the aim of preserving languages and promoting culture.

Ethno Fest ambassador shares language

Ethno Fest ambassador Luana Cunha is sharing her language during Ethno Fest 2021.

Ethno Fest organizers hope for bigger audience

Ethno Fest is a multicultural event where different cultures, communities and people are featured. Paulo Bergantim tells us more.

Brazilian community celebrates independence

Manitoba's Brazilian community is celebrated its independence day on September 7. Maggie Demarchi from Brazilian Association in Winnipeg talks about the importance of the day and Ethno Fest 2021.

Digital festival celebrates community, diversity in Manitoba through short films

You may not be able to travel the world to experience different cultures right now, but one online festival aims to help Manitobans get to know the different cultures that exist right here at home.

Ethno Fest 2021 in full swing

Ethno Fest 2021 is the first ethnocultural digital festival, and it celebrates diversity and community. Ryan Funk tells us what it is and how you can participate.

Ethno Fest 2021

Ethno Fest 2021 is a digital celebration of multiculturalism and diversity at U Multicultural. U Multicultural's Ryan Funk went on CBC Winnipeg to share all about this amazing celebration.

Many communities involved in Ethno Fest 2020

Taya Rtichsheva, Founder of U Multicultural, speaks about all the different communities involved in Ethno Fest 2020.

Multicultural television unites communities

"I offered a pilot program to Shaw Winnipeg, and have produced shows since 2015," Rtichsheva said. "We use a studio at Shaw, as part of their community TV option."

The idea of Ethno Fest 2020

Paulo Bergantim discussing the idea of Ethno Fest 2020, the concept of U Multicultural as an ethnocultural media platform in Canada.

We have to share our voices

U Multicultural helps any interested ethnic group to produce original content that is broadcast on local cable TV stations in Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

Sponsorship opportunities available at Ethno Fest

Kylie Wright the sponsorship and partnership opportunities with Ethno Fest 2020 and U Multicultural.

U Multicultural vital to getting information out

Maggie Demarchi explains how of U Multicultural has helped Brazilian Association of Winnipeg get information out.

A new digital festival to provide a multicultural voice in Manitoba

Ethno Fest 2020 is the initiative of the non-profit media platform U Multicultural. It aims to bring an understanding of cultural groups beyond food sharing and performances.

Creating content for display on U Multicultural

Sharan Tappia from Asian Women of Winnipeg on her experience with creating content for use on U Multicultural.

New digital festival aims to help multicultural groups tell stories in their own voices

Ethno Fest 2020, an initiative of non-profit media platform U Multicultural, launched Saturday

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